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St. Joseph Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign: Our Mission

Why A Capital Campaign

Before I ever became your Pastor here at St. Joe’s, I began praying for this parish. I am someone who needs a mission so I also started writing down things I wanted for the parish, things I thought God was asking me to do, these were groups, ministries, atmospheres, and successes. Nowhere on that list was “dive into a capital campaign!” So, it is important for me to explain why we are here.

When I got to St. Joe’s, I could see the buildings, the leaks, and the many other issues I am sure you have seen for yourself. Still, that is not a good enough reason to do a campaign. I started going through budgets, reports, and all the administrative tasks that revealed a need for greater support, but still that was not a good enough reason for a campaign. At the same time, I began to meet you. I started meeting the kids in the school, in PREP and you parents. I met lifelong parishioners and many who had just moved to the area. I met with couples wanting to baptize their new child, and with families who were struggling with loss, and I met with people building up friendships through service.

So why are we doing this campaign? It is because of you and yours, it is because I really believe we are a family, and to live out our faith and build up our future sounds like the perfect way to go about loving our Lord together!

We are setting out on a monumental work, it is beautiful, inspiring, difficult, and so blessed! Even after all of this fundraising and work is completed, the reason for the work will still be here, you and your family, your neighbors, and community. My friends, this work will not solve every issue there is in our lives, but the parish will serve those in need more readily, it will comfort families more easily, it will inspire people with more vigor, and it will raise up a holy parish family around it to the praise and glory of Jesus Christ our Lord.

In Christ, Fr. Eric Boelscher

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Background, News and Updates


Feasibility Study

Summer 2021

This past summer, a feasibility study was conducted to understand the needs of the parish and potential funds available for this campaign.  In-person interviews, group discussions and an online survey was sent to the entire parish totaling over 150 individuals.  These responses were used as the basis for understanding the needs of the parish, if the work/projects outlined are seen as needed and if the funds are available to complete this work.  The study showed that there is great enthusiasm to get involved, for potential donors as well as agreement to do the work described in the case statement (see below for link).  It was also determined that a goal of $5 million dollars is attainable and likely.

women discussion group

Forming the Committee

November 2021

This campaign will be successful when everyone does their part.  The saying many hands makes light work is absolutely true for this work.  Sixteen Chair positions split amongst 39 individuals have accepted their roles.  The feasibility study helped to identify individuals interested in helping as well as several nominated who would be interictal to making this campaign a success. These chairs will work to identify additional team members to spread the workload even more.  If you would like to learn more or join the team, please click the link below.

Capital Campaign: What's Happening

Campaign Newsletters and Resources

Carpenter's Press Newsletter

Volume 1

Carpenter's Press Newsletter

Volume 2

Carpenter's Press Newsletter

Volume 3

Why and What

Why its needed and what is included

Commitment Guide

A prayerful guide to giving

Creative Gift Giving

Different ways families can contribute

Capital Campaign: List
Capital Campaign: Testimonials
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Paul Ritter, General Co-Chair

Leading this campaign is the answer to many prayers for me.  I retired a year ago and had been praying for at least a couple years before that, for God to help me understand how I should serve Him in this transition period.  What a blessing to have such clarity in my calling.  And what a blessing to be part of this amazing work; work which will serve all of us in serving Him for many years to come.

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Capital Campaign: Image

Only recently have I begun to understand the importance of the sacredness of the worship environment and frankly our is almost horrifying. It was more horrifying to see the living conditions in the rectory – made me sad.  I am totally in favor of the improvements and willing to commit dollars too.

I'm not an expert on mold, but there is definitely black stuff growing on the carpeted walls where the water comes in. I'm afraid to see what is behind it and worry that its not healthy for the kids to be eating in here. When it rains hard, water comes in from both sides and through the doors at the bottom of the ramp. We use floor mats and fans to try and dry it up.

Anonymous Survey Respondent

Amy Borchers, Cafeteria Manager

I think we are on the right track now.  Fr. Boelscher is building up the parish.  He is living the walk with zeal and passion.

With increased access to technology during the school day, we realized that computer class, as it has been, needs to evolve. The original inventors of computers were creative, team-oriented, critical thinkers, and problem-solvers. While it is still important that students improve their typing skills and learn how to navigate a Windows computer, we need to change our focus from using the technology of today to helping students develop the skills to fix, improve, and invent the technology of the future.

Anonymous Survey Respondent

Mrs. Natalie Brockmeier, Technology Teacher

Capital Campaign: Testimonials


When will the work begin?

We can begin work once we have the funds in hand.  The projects have been prioritized and will begin based on need. Our first priority is to stop the water leaks to create dry spaces.  This begins with replacing the roof and gutters along with directing water away from the foundation.  Work is already underway to begin the roof work.

Will a portion of the funds go to the diocese?

No, the Bishop is allowing all funds generated through this campaign to stay at St. Joseph’s.

What happened to the funds raised through the DPAA?

An account was created for DPAA overages to set this money aside. Because of the water damage and the interrelated projects needed to maintain a dry facility, the updated Noll Hall façade has not been able to begin. With additional funds procured through this capital campaign, these DPAA funds will help to complete the façade renovations as originally stated.

Are parishioners involved in the design and construction of the projects?

Yes! Wonderful professionals who are parishioners have volunteered to provide oversite of the development plans. We have engineers, architects, builders and designers who have volunteered and offered their services, helping to keep costs down and drive efficiency in the work.

How will this work bring parishioners back to the parish and fulfill our mission?

There are multiple plans in place to use this campaign to bring parishioners through our doors. First, the campaign itself is designed to get many parishioners involved and working as a community to build the church. We hope this process makes parishioners feel welcomed, connected and driven to participate in worship and fellowship. Parishioners will be asked to prayerfully consider how God is calling them to stewardship, which can reignite individual relationships with God. Second, new meeting spaces will be created, and old spaces updated to allow for more activities onsite, strengthening our community. Lastly, an altar space that draws the focus toward the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist will serve as a reminder of the beauty and importance of this holy, living Sacrifice of the Mass.

Is a new parish office really needed or can we repair the old building?

While the current parish office has history with our parish, the structure is deteriorating and does not meet the needs of the parish.  The first issue is access.  To enter the building, you must walk stairs or enter via a steep ramp that enters through the kitchen rather than the main entrance.  The basement and second floor require a flight of stairs as well.  The current office has one small  conference room with that doubles as storage space, there is not enough office space for any additional staff and the 1st floor bathroom is about the size of an airplane bathroom.  Some electric is original to building, the basement storage is damp and does not allow for easy access to records or festival materials, the building needs a new roof, new paint and new plumbing.  The plans for a new build would fix all of these issues and then some.

Capital Campaign: FAQ

Pledge Card

To Print your own pledge card, click the link

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Current Facilities

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