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From Father’s Desk: 25th Sunday in OT

I mentioned last week in the homily and probably several dozen others times, that I hate when people try to make the faith some abstract feeling. It’s utter nonsense. Faith is not irrational, it is supra-rational, it is belief that is supported by rational inclinations and natural signs. This also means that living out the faith is largely done through practical and prudential judgments. It is not about hand-wringing and flights of ecstasy but most of the time loving God and loving neighbor in particular concrete circumstances.

My friends, that means the readings this week are very very helpful. They describe how our passions are just a bit off kilter. We are a little bit lazy and a little bit stupid when it comes to this world and working out our own salvation in God’s grace. That’s not insulting, its informative. It is necessary to have that very simple humility of how our hearts get a bit distracted far too often.

Jesus of course offers healing of this wound in our soul in His death and rising. However, He also gives a practical and prudent solution right now when He says “If anyone wishes to be first, he must make himself last and the servant of all.” (Mark 9:35) Humility, obedience, and service help to get our souls back in their proper shape. They help to correct those harmful tendencies and they train our souls to not live off of simple desires but rather off of the free choice of love.

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