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Welcome to St Joseph Parish

Crescent Springs, KY

St. Joseph is a dynamic parish community with members sharing their talents in a variety of ways, all serving the Lord. Each person brings their own unique experiences, faith, enthusiasm and joy to help meet the needs of our brothers and sisters within our parish and all of God’s people.

We invite and encourage you to become a member of our parish family and become involved in parish life and activities. We are here to serve one another and we believe that you will find St. Joseph a place of spiritual growth, nourishment, and excitement as we worship together, work together and celebrate God’s life in us!

Fifth Sunday of Lent

 Lent doesn’t have to be just a season of abstinence.

Lent offers us a chance to grow more deeply in faith and in our own personal relationship with Christ.

Prayer is reflecting on, or remembering the life of Jesus. We can walk with Jesus through the Stations of the Cross, or keep Mary company in her sorrows. This helps us deepen our relationship with Him.

Lent is also a time of repentance.Since sin can damage our relationship with God. It is the perfect time to ask for forgiveness through confession (reconciliation) and reconciliation is the perfect time to ask God to help turn us away from sin and back toward Him.

Weekly Lenten Video - March 18, 2018


Serving God by Serving Others

The members of St. Joe’s are spiritual warriors who follow Christ’s example by going out into our community to actively show Christ’s love by serving those less fortunate and to spread his word.

Laura Arlinghaus has provided an update of some of the outreach efforts for the 4th quarter of 2017. Please proceed to the Christian Outreach Committee tab to read about the many good works of the committee.





"Streams of Grace and Mercy"

Another retreat has been added to the schedule for

Wednesday, March 28.

Join our pastor, Fr. Phillip De Vous, for a brief talk,

an opportunity for confession, and celebration of mass.

 The retreat will begin at 5:30pm in church.  

Confessions will be available until 8:00pm.

Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday, March 25th at 10:30 AM (after the 9:30 Mass)

on the front Lawn facing Buttermilk Pike

(Rain or shine! Noll Hall, if rain)

Open to all Parish children.

Holy Thursday - 7:00 pm - Mass of the Lord's Supper

Good Friday - 3:00 pm - Veneration of the Cross

7:00 PM - Stations of the Cross

Holy Saturday - 8:00 - Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday - Masses at 8:00, 9:30 and 11:30 am

The summit of the Liturgical Year is the Easter Triduum which begins the evening of Holy Thursday to the evening of Easter Sunday. Though chronologically three days, they are liturgically one day unfolding for us as the unity of Christ's Paschal Mystery.

The single celebration of the Triduum marks the end of the Lenten season and leads to the Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord at the Easter Vigil.

The Liturgical services that take place during the Triduum are:

Mass of the Lord's Supper

Good Friday of the Lord's Passion

Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord

Mass Times

Sunday Mass:
5:00 pm Saturday evening
8:00 am, 9:30 am, 11:30 am Sunday
Monday - 6:45 am
Tuesday - 6:45 am & 9:00 am
Wednesday - 6:45 am & 9:00 am
Thursday - 9:00 am
Friday - 6:45 am & 9:00 am
Saturday - 9:00 am


Office Hours

Monday - Thursday - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Interested in Becoming Catholic?

Please contact Deacon Hudson Henry at 859-341-6609 ext. 4022




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