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S-Gear . The synthesizer accessory has been extensively used in the TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, where it was featured in numerous episodes to provide an authentic "extended synth" sound for the E1 and E2 keyboards. S-Gear was used for e.g. The Arabian Nights. The track "When Love Takes Over" on the album Beat the World from Brian May and Mike Moran is an example. In November 2011, Brian May used an S-Gear for the recording of the title track of his 3D movie "Queen rock'n roll" and also for the album strings and backing vocals. Use in film The S-Gear was used in the Disney film Aladdin for the music and soundtrack, which included S-Gear for the electric guitar (synthesized and "mock" string sound), which was used for the E1 and E2 (with correct sound effects). The S-Gear has also been used in the films The Royal Tennenbaums, The Core and Wolf Creek 2. In The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford an S-Gear was used in the trailer to simulate the sound of a wallaby. Use in video games The S-Gear was used in the development of the video game Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. In 2011, S-Gear was featured as a unique instrument in the PC and PS3 video game, Rocksmith. Use in home recording The S-Gear can be used to sample guitar strings and acoustic guitar reverberation. Use of S-Gear by songwriters and composers B-Real - "Who I Am" (2013) Chris Cornell - Carry On (2012) Julian Lennon - My Woman (2012) Brian May - Queen rock'n roll (2011) Chris Hardwick - "Naked" (2012) Myriam Berg - The One (2011) The Beatles - Revolution No. 9 (2002) Cristina Tinniswood - The One (2011) Myriam Berg - Temptation (2012) Myriam Berg -



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Scuffham Amps S Gear Crack 38 denileo

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