St. Joseph Church serves its parishioners and community in spiritual, educational, ministerial, and social ways. St. Joseph Church has had the good fortune of many devoted parishioners who have made this parish viable in so many ways.  As this church has celebrated its centennial anniversary in 2016, St. Joseph Church looks forward to the future to continue its commitment to its parishioners and community.

There are several ways that donations can be made:

  • Weekly envelope contributions
    • Registered parishioners receive weekly collection envelopes for three months at a time through the mail directly to their homes.
    • These envelope sets include the general weekly envelope, but also the envelopes for special collections, such as the Assist-a-Student fund, the Building/Maintenance fund, and the Outreach fund.
    • Included in these envelope sets are the holy day envelopes.
    • Diocesan collections for such funds as the Religious Retirement, Seminary Education, and various mission causes are also included.
    • Frequency of contributions is solely up to the parishioner.  While weekly helps in tracking against budgets, other frequencies, such as monthly, semi-annually, or annually, are certainly welcome.
  • EFT Contributions
    • Registered parishioners have the opportunity to sign up for EFT payments which are deposited directly into the church’s bank account from the parishioner’s bank account on a monthly basis.
    • In order to sign-up for this service, please fill the EFT Authorization form out, sign it, and return it to the Parish Business Manager at the Parish Office. 
    • Parishioners who have signed up for this service may want to continue receiving envelopes in order to get the other special collection, holy day, and Diocesan collection envelopes.  Please indicate this on your EFT Authorization form.
    • EFT AUTHORIZATION FORM Click Here  CONTRIBUTION - EFT Authorization form
  • Bill Pay
    • Contributions can be set up at the banks of individual contributors through the bill payment system of the banks.  Please see your bank for information on this option.
  • Stock Donations
    • Stock donations generally are handled through the Diocesan Finance office.  If you wish to make a stock donation, please contact the Parish Business Manager.