Centennial Prayer to St. Joseph

Glorious St. Joseph, powerful protector of Holy Church, and loving patron of our parish family, we implore your heavenly aid for the whole Church on earth, and especially in this centennial year for St. Joseph Parish in Crescent Springs. For a century, most loving St. Joseph, you have worked in heaven and on earth for our parish family, interceding for us as we have assisted the needy, comforted the afflicted, consoled the dying, brought Divine Mercy to sinners, educated the young, and rendered worship to the Most Holy Trinity in the celebration of the Holy Sacraments. Intercede for us now in this time of favor, that having sought the will of the Lord and labored for His Kingdom for the past century, we may have the graces necessary to be coworkers of the truth for a century more, to the praise and glory of God, now and forever, Amen.